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Many people tout the physical health benefits of super firm inner spring mattresses because of how effective they should be for stabilizing and aligning the skeleton. What those firm bed enthusiasts don’t take into account is the rest of the human body which is made up of muscles,Health Benefits of Memory Foam Articles fats, curves and bumps and that the firm mattress that helps one person get into and stay into alignment puts someone else completely out of a healthy position. This is why memory foam is such an excellent specialty sleep option for so many people who can’t get healthy sleep because of their physical discomfort.

For instance, men and women are proportioned very differently – especially in the hip area. A super firm mattress will end up elevating a women’s hip area in sleep if she has a wider pelvis or if she has a little extra physical cushioning. A firm inner spring mattress, with no give, will therefore push the pelvis up if she sleeps on her side or on her back. This means that her lower back will certainly be out of proper alignment with her spine offering no relief from any back conditions or sleep problems she may be suffering. This is especially true of women with narrow shoulders and wider hips who aren’t particularly heavy. They may not have the hefty upper body weight it takes to correctly depress the shoulder area of a firm inner spring or traditional mattress and this misalignment will stress the spine. Likewise, if you are a side sleeper with wide shoulders and slim hips you will suffer from the same problem, only instead of lower back issues, you will probably have problems with shoulder compression. With a memory foam mattress, many of these issues are eliminated. Visco elastic memory foam is specifically designed to conform to the shape of your body, so if you are a woman with wide hips, a man with wide shoulders or a person with differed proportions, the mattress will conform to those parts of your body and will also support your shoulders and back so that you can get healthy sleep in proper alignment.

Side sleepers have notorious back alignment problems. One limb and shoulder is under the weight of the body while the other is free hanging. Much of the body’s weight is resting on the hip joints which can lead to a misalignment of the spine and side sleepers tend to oddly twist their spine as their body leans forward or backward. On a super firm mattress this is only amplified because there is no pressure relief. If you do sleep on a firm mattress and you like to side sleep, back specialists will recommend that you sleep with a body pillow so that your free arm has a surface on which to rest and to put between your knees to elevate some of the pressure and misalignment of your hips. They may also recommend a memory foam mattress or memory foam mattress topper because this will also redistribute the pressure from your hips and shoulder and knees to the whole body which is far better for you. Additionally, on a memory foam mattress, the lean of your body as a side sleeper will be less pronounced and this will help your spine stay properly aligned in sleep.

Another example of people who will suffer extreme discomfort from super firm inner spring mattresses is anyone with chronic hip problems like arthritis or people who have just had lower back surgery or hip replacement surgery. People in a low back or hip post-operative condition have to lie flat on their back for a long time to heal properly and if they are on a super firm mattress it can actually cause more harm than good. This is because a traditional mattress will force their lower body to be slightly elevated which throws off the lumbar spinal alignment. Again, a memory foam mattress will relieve this kind of misalignment. Additionally, memory foam has been widely used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers across the country for recovery from debilitating injuries, major surgeries and for long term care because it prevents any bed sores or other problems among people who must stay in one position for a long time to heal.

Another interesting facet of sleep mechanics is the height and weight distribution of you and your partner and how you affect each other in the bed. On a traditional mattress, if you are a small or light weight female and you are married to a very large and heavy man, your body will constantly be tipped towards them and will have to adjust whenever they move or shift. This does not create a very restful environment to your body, nor does it create an environment conducive to proper spinal and body alignment. If you sleep on a memory foam mattress, what your partner does is completely independent of you and your sleep position. Memory foam isolates individuals on either side of the bed and protects you from being jostled as your loved one tosses and turns, adjusts or gets up frequently in the night. You also won’t roll into them as they create a deeper impression in the mattress.

Firm mattresses are also not always Basotech successful for people with chronic conditions that are aggravated by pressure like various forms of arthritis, insomnia, bursitis and spondilosis. All of these conditions are chronic and difficult to live with. sleep and complete body rest are integral to treatment and to a sufferers quality of life. Firm mattresses can aggravate pressure points that are frequently effected by these conditions as well – compounding the problem. Memory foam mattresses, however, can relieve the pressure and offer uniform support and comfort to sufferers of these conditions. Additionally, the warmth of visco elastic memory foam can be therapeutic for these people as well.

Basically, although hard or extra firm beds do successfully support the skeletal system, they do not support every person successfully. The goal of healthy sleep should always be uniform support and alignment, in which your body can truly relax and you will be able to get true rest. This is why a memory foam mattress or a memory foam mattress topper may be the right choice for you.